This section shows the customised projects I have worked on . Everything from logo designs , wedding invites, to stamp designs .

A tailored family portrait , drawn in the client's cartoon style .
Character Design
Digital painting Characters and Developing them through references .
Logo for Orthodontics
Client wanted a bright and Vibrant logo Illustrating the importance of tooth health.
A castle painting for a web comic I did for a client based on Dracula.
Logo for SOS
Logo Design for SOS Gin .
Client wanted an Angelic design that showed the logo rising up.
Web Art
This was an Illustration done through my time as a content illustrator for stacks of books.
Sarah and Adrian rsvp
A wedding invite for Sarah and Adrian . They wanted a design in which they loved the movie UP.
Jo and Craig rsvp
Jo and Craig's wedding rsvp cards. They wanted a simple design with bold colours adding they're family home in the background.
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